The Charity’s objects (the objects) are:

  • Social seminars, gender focussed activities and creating awareness of Ugandan values and customs to all generations while respecting the cultures in the wider community.
  • To promote the integration of Ugandans in Liverpool into the wider community with the aim of sharing knowledgeto unite all Ugandans in Liverpool, without prejudice or discrimination, into a community to function cohesively and interactively with other communities aiming at eradicating isolation
  • to aim at supporting and improving the welfare and wellbeing of vulnerable Ugandans in Liverpool by identifying and addressing their needs and circumstances
  • to aim at engaging Ugandans into activities that enable them to participate, interact and contribute to the improvement of the wider community and fulfil their potential
  • to aim at developing and improving the social and economic conditions of all Ugandans in Liverpool by offering access to employability programs and intergenerational activities to reduce deprivation
  • To aim at upholding and promoting the Ugandan culture and values by hosting events and activities, skills, experience and identifying opportunities for social and economic inclusion,
  • As agreed by trustees, The organisation shall engage in charitable business ventures aimed at raising income for the sustainence of the organisation and reaching out to its beneficiaries.
  • All donations for causes or events (ie. Condolesences, hardships donations) shall be handled by the organisation treasury.