Social seminars: These will be allocated according to age to aid benefit all members of the community.

  • Youth engagements seminars will support engagement and cultural integration. The committee shall enforce inviting speakers from influential groups. E.g. the police, hospitals, MPs, educational groups and BAM leaders.
  • Adult social seminars will focus on providing information on services available in Liverpool, cultural integration of our children, career development and opportunities on business.

Health seminars will focus on aspects of Public Health to support mental health awareness, physical health, address health inequalities in out our community

Upholding and promoting the Ugandan culture and values in Liverpool.

  • By hosting events that promote our culture. E.g: visits by the queen and king of Buganda, making traditional out fits, cooking traditional food, teaching Ugandan children in Liverpool local deletes.   
  • Exchange visits for Ugandan families into British families to help support and uphold Ugandan culture but also share culture with our British communities.
  • Fundraising for Ugandan vulnerable communities E.G Advocating for the Ugandan community to end FGM, child marriages, supporting girl children to attend school in Uganda.