membership will be open to all Ugandans living in Liverpool by birth, decent, registration, naturalisation, and marriage.

(2)        friends and well wishers from liverpool and other areas may participate and donate but will not be full members (will not have voting powers as laid down in this constitution)

Membership is open to individuals over eighteen or organisations, who are

approved by the trustees.

            (a) The trustees may only refuse an application for membership if,

acting reasonably and properly, they consider it to be in the best interests of the charity to refuse the application.

(b) The trustees must inform the applicant in writing of the reasons for

      the refusal within twenty-one days of the decision.

(c ) The trustees must consider any written representations the applicant may make about the decision. The trustees’ decision following any written representations must be notified to the applicant in writing  but shall be final.                 

(3)  The membership is not transferable to anyone else.

  • The trustees must keep a register of names and addresses of the members and must must keep the register in accordance to data protection
  • Membership Fee:
    • The members shall discuss and vote on the relevance and amount of membership subscription fee.
    • After general consultation the initial Membership fee has been set as follows
      • Adults (18yrs and above) shall pay an annual set amount of £20 that shall be reviewed every year with increments of a minimum of 10% increase.
      • All children of age 12yrs and under shall be covered under their parents membership fee.
      • All young adults between 13 years and under 18 year shall pay half the adult membership fee.